Tuesday, November 21, 2006


If I were, as the Germans say, poetisch veranlagt, I'd sing to you of the joys of being self-employed - the idiot boss, the long hours, the lousy pay (couple of weeks late, again), very little time for anything else etc. etc. But I am not and besides, I can't, I've got to make the deadline.
As a result, I got nothing for you. Absolutely nothing. Nada. Ничего. גורנישט*.

*Courtesy of the Yiddish Radio Project. Needs Real Player. Trust me, it's worth it.


anshl said...

"gor " shraybt zikh nisht mit a "vov" nor mit a "komets alef".
dos heyst :

גאָר נישט

bulbul said...

zogt ver? :o)

anshl said...

to be honest i do not understand your question

bulbul said...

"Says who?"
True, גאָר נישט is more immediately recognizable, but I've seen גורנישט more than a few times. Plus, in the program I linked to, it is pronounced "gurnisht".

anshl said...

efsher volt es geven "ver zogt" af yidish?
the pronounciation can be, depending on the dialects, "gur" or "gor". in every case, it's written with a "komets alef". give a look in the "takones funem yidishn oysleyg", in yiddish hand-books like uriel weinreich's "college yiddish", mordkhe schaechter 's "yiddish II" , sheva zucker's "yiddish" or in modern dictionaries (weinreich or niborski-vaisbrot).
for the story of yiddish language planning, see :http://www.drexel.edu/judaicstudies/jstpeltz1.html

bulbul said...


thank you very much for the link.

As for the rest, I stand by why I wrote.

anshl said...

every written language has his rules, yiddish too. everybody has to respect them (or to try).

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