Sunday, August 12, 2007


So far, this new job thing isn't working out as well as I hoped it would. I do like the fact that working 25 hours a week gets me the same amount of money as my previous 60-hours-a-week job with 100% less stress, but I don't feel the benefit of more free time and energy yet. I assume it's just the rather abrupt transition combined with the fact that I haven't had a real holiday in almost four years that leave me feeling like a drained toilet at the end of every day. Long story short, I know I've been neglecting my blogging duties. I'm aware of the fact that I still need to finish the review of the Slovník súčasného slovenského jazyka, share with you some of the fascinating stuff on Ármin Vámbéry I've learned, write a brief analysis of an emerging Slovak conditional structure, continue with the work on the two Judeo-Arabic translations of Targum to the Canticles and publish at least some of the other 100-odd drafts I've saved over the past few months. And I will, as soon as all of this gets better (which should be any day now). Just hang in there please.
In the mean time, you could check out the new online course of Slovak called E-Slovak my alma mater has put together. The demo (klick on the "Prihlásiť sa ako hosť" button) looks quite good, let's see what you think of it.


Language said...

Well, get cracking!

Just kidding. Get some rest and recharge your batteries. You'll feel the improvement soon; it's just that you're still stunned. (I'm in the same state myself, for different reasons, so I'm sympathetic.) And I look forward to those entries when you get around to them.

Anna said...


Nahodou som nasla tento tvoj blog. Som Finka a byvala som 11 mesiacov v Bratislave, teda trosicku hovorim aj pisem po slovensky. No ja fakt nemam nic co by som vraj chcela povedat. Len to, ze velmi ma zaujalo to, co tu pises. Studujem jazyky na univerzite (cinstinu a japoncinu) a jazykoveda sa mi velmi paci take vseobecne. Takze, rada citam aj ked v buducnosti nieco pises.

A teraz mi to napadlo ze mozno by som musela pisat po anglicky...

David Marjanović said...

Studujem jazyky na univerzite (cinstinu a japoncinu)

Tài hǎo le!

Though... isn't that a bit much at once? I mean, for every character you'll have to learn the traditional version, the PRC/Singapore simplification, and the Japanese simplification (usually all three are the same, but not always), and the Chinese pronunciation, the on'yomi pronunciation, the kun'yomi pronunciation, and who knows what else...

Anna said...

Yeah, I was expecting something like that to come up. I just don't know what's Mandarin in Slovak. 11 months in Bratislava without a teacher or a textbook doesn't really give one a very good language skills, unless one is very determined, which I'm not. Unfortunately. :)

John Emerson said...

Translating something by Hasek would be just the thing to do. Perhaps Politické a sociální dějiny Strany mírného pokroku v mezích zákona!

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