Thursday, December 14, 2006


So there I was, in my infinite arrogance, thinking nothing in this world will ever surprise me. Then one day (this Monday, to be specific), as I was sitting at my computer searching the vast virtual planes of the internet for the best translation for one thing or another, my eyes spotted something I had not considered possible.
The place: YLE Colloquia Latina, the Latin-language chat of the Finnish Public Broadcasting Company.
The marvel of all marvels: a flamewar in Latin.
Lingua mortua? Minime*!

* That's how the French "
Non!" is translated in the Latin editions of Asterix.


Anonymous said...

Now that is impressive.

I wonder if there's a flamewar in Klingon somewhere.

Anonymous said...

"The newest registered user is bulbul". You couldn't resist, I see. :-)

Anonymous said...

Asterix in Latin! Oh, I am going to get in so much trouble...

*goes off to find credit card used for overseas transactions*

James Crippen said...

I always lamented my lack of a proper classical education with no Latin training. How this stirs jealousy within my heart...

bulbul said...

resist? Me? No way in hell :o)
Don't expect any contributions any time soon, though.

guess who I was thinking of when I added the Asterix reference :o)

Anonymous said...

I only ended up ordering the first one. Wow, the shipping from Europe is expensive! The exchange rate isn't particularly favorable these days, either.

Anonymous said...

Delirant isti Romani.

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