Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Remember this post from about three years back on Sabaean minuscule script and Robert Kerr's (Universiteit Leiden) dissertation on Latino-Punic inscriptions? Well some moments ago, a kind blogger user named RMK (perhaps even Robert M. Kerr himself) dropped by to let us know that the dissertation has been published by Mohr Siebeck under the title Latino-Punic Epigraphy (full bibliographic record below). Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

KERR, Robert M.: Latino-Punic Epigraphy. A Descriptive Study of the Inscriptions - Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2010, xvi + 253 p. (ISBN 978-3-16-150271-2, €64)


Mattitiahu said...

Oh if only I could get myself back into shape with Northwest Semitic Grammar I would probably hungrily devour this book. :) It's unfortunate that I've forgotten a large chunk of my Hebrew (and therefore most of my potential knowledge of Punic).

Mattitiahu said...

(And yes, yes, I say that in full knowledge that Semiticists will probably come flaming "PUNIC IS NOT HEBREW" as they have every moral and factual right to do so. :) )

bulbul said...

In the immortal words of our Arab Lit professor reminiscing about his university years: "They made us memorize some inscriptions and the entire Mesha Stele. /A Czechoslovak Semitologist who shall remain nameless/ almost failed the course because of it. I passed just fine - Moabite, Ammonite, Phoenician, it's all bloody Hebrew to me."
You could start with "Late Punic Epigraphy" - they got two copies ar 19 USD left over at Eisenbrauns, one for you, one for me :)

Mattitiahu said...

I've been buying way too many books lately, but what the hell, what's one more that's only nineteen worthless Amerika-dollars?

Besides, earlier this year one of the archaeologists around here asked me to translate this Greek-Latin-Somethingelse multilingual curse tablet from Carthage as part of their thesis research. I got the Greek and Latin no problem but I had no idea what to do with the that something-else which looked like it might be Punic recorded in the Greek alphabet (the whole inscription, even the Latin, was written in it). It blew my effing mind and I'd love to see some scholarship on this stuff. :)

bulbul said...

Awesome. You wouldn't happen to have a copy of that somethingelse hanging around, would you?

Mattitiahu said...

I think it's lost somewhere in the mess on my desk at home. If I can find it again, I'll scan it and send it your way :)

Mattitiahu said...

I decided to make a post out of it.

languagehat said...

Fascinating! And I don't know why I never got around to adding your blog to my blogroll, Mattitiahu, but I've now done so.

languagehat said...

Oh, and bulbul, have you considered cleaning the spam out of those early posts? I hate to see spammers win.

Mattitiahu said...

Mr. Hat, I am deeply honoured by your approval. :)

bulbul said...

indeed, indeed. And as for the spammers, don't worry. I'm letting them get all comfy and complacent and then when the time is right, BAAAM, I will deploy operation Golden Viagra. They won't know what hit them.

Eisenbrauns lied, they only had one copy left and you got it. Aarrgh.

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