Monday, August 28, 2006


Happy indeed! And what is the source of my joy, you ask? Well, I finally found a decent Unicode picker which includes not only the whole Latin set, but also the Arabic and Hebrew blocks and even the full IPA chart!!! Finally no more of this "ħ" nonsense and I can write like a pʰrŏpər Ærabī́śṭ of the Ǧeṛṃăṅ śḳḫōōḷ!

Cool, he?



Did I mention it's got the Ethiopic block, too?

Oh nevermind. Move along, nothing to see here.



delmo said...

happy for u, bulbul ;) and btw, thanks for d derja stuff u sent me, my collection of materials is getting larger everyday... and btsw, i'm leaving on tuesday, d flight ticket being d only thing i have so far, no flat in cairo yet, but... anyway, if u have time some day just give me a ring, got d angels 4 ya!

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