Friday, December 22, 2006


I.e. "heel Porsche". That was the correct answer to the question "Womit düsen vornehmlich die Senioren zum Supermarkt" (roughly: "What do the senior citizens drive to the supermarket?") in today's edition of "Wer wird Millionär?" ("Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?").
The contestant admitted that he had not heard any of the four options before and had to ask the audience. Luckily, the good people there were more than confident and 80% of them picked the word above. Other options were similarly structured compounds noun1+noun2, where

noun1 = a body part (besides "Hacken" = heels, I only remember "Sohlen" = soles), and
noun2 = a sports car (Ferrari, Maserati).

As Günther Jauch revealed to the contestant, the 20% of the audience and to me, a "Hackenporsche" is a shopping bag (usually tartan, so some sources) with steel frame and wheels, like these. Needless to say, ROFLMAO. Compounding, especially the German kind, you gotta love it.
And while the official term is apparently "Einkaufsroller", I have absolutely no idea what the English word is (if, indeed, there is one). Any ideas?


Charlie Martin said...

"Shopping cart."

Anonymous said...

Delirant isti Germani.

(Fatefully separated by a common mother tongue and all that.)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call those shopping carts, although some might. For me a shopping cart is the wheeled vehicle that resides at the supermarket for use only at the supermarket, like so. I think the British call these trolleys?

I have a similar thing that is just a wireframe on wheels, more like this one. I believe when I bought it the packaging called it a 'market cart'. Which is what I'd call the nice enclosed ones, too.


BTW, Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, Froeliche Weinachten, usw...

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