Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Hey folks, anyone up for a little game?
Excellent! So here is the board and the pieces:

A - a brief excerpt from an episode of South Park dubbed into Hungarian.
B - a transcript in both standard Hungarian ortography and IPA:

Cartman: Kis türelem [kiʃ tyrɛlɛm]
Teacher: Gyerünk, Eric! [ɟɛryk ɛrik̪]
Cartman: (X) picsába! [(X) piaːbɒ]
Kyle: Ha ha!
Cartman: Kus, Macesz! [kuʃ mats̻es]

Now (X) marks the spot with the treasure we're after. It's a single word consisting of two syllables spoken between 00:00:03 and 00:00:04 and what I want from you, boys and girls, is to provide a transcription below in the comments using any transcription method you like. Everyone who provides the correct transcription, wins.
Warning: speakers of Hungarian need not apply and are asked not to spoil it for everybody else.
The lucky winner(s) will receive my eternal gratitude, a brief lesson in Hungarian and the knowledge that they succeeded where others (such as myself :o) had failed.

Good luck!


Languagehat said...

Sounds like PEE-tash (what in Hungarian would be written pitás) to me. (Thanks to the book of curses I'm working on, I happen to know picsa is 'cunt,' but I do not know Hungarian.)

John Cowan said...

That's what I heard too.

bulbul said...

I hear [pidɛs]. And we're all way off the mark, gentlemen.
I'll give it a few more hours and then solve the puzzle. We might end up with a few additions to your book, Hat :o)

Anonymous said...

It's getting to be quite long for a few hours...

I hear pitesz, btw, and don't speak Hungarian.

Anonymous said...


I'm with Prof. Hat on this one, except it may be d instead of t.

Languagehat said...

Dude! Does "a few more hours" mean something quite different in Slovak?

michael farris said...

"Does "a few more hours" mean something quite different in Slovak?"

Time passes slowly in Slovakia...

bulbul said...

A recent conversation between me and a client:
Me: Where is my money?
Client: The payment has been made, you should receive it in a few hours.

That was two weeks ago and I still ain't seen a cent :o)

Languagehat said...

So you're just going to leave us hanging? Picsa!

bulbul said...

Kis türelem, barátom :o)

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